Processing and anti-corrosion protection

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  • Processing and anti-corrosion protection

All metal structures produced at ZMK Pulkovo are distinguished by a high level of corrosion protection. It is realised by means of shot blasting of metal surfaces on automatic lines of European production and subsequent painting on lines and in paint chambers.

Blast cleaning of sheet and profile rolled products to the Sa 2.5 degree ensures the perfect condition of metal surfaces for welding and interoperation protection.

The finishing stage of corrosion protection is priming and staining of metal structures in the painting shop, where automatic painting lines, drying and ventilation units are installed. If necessary, fireproof protection can be applied.

Advantages of anti-corrosion protection

  • Complete products are cleaned, including weld zones and welds;
  • Painting of metal structures is made only 15 minutes after their cleaning;
  • Thanks to 10 shot blasting turbines located at different angles, a high-quality cleaning of all surfaces is guaranteed;
  • As a coating can be used any primer and types of paints;
  • The thickness of the primer or paint layer applied by numerous spray guns can be adjusted in the range of 40 - 120 microns;
  • There is an opportunity in an automatic mode to quickly change the type of coating or colour;
  • Processes of cleaning and applying protective coating are completely ecological and comply with Russian and European standards.

The process of shot blasting, cleaning from dust and solvents, painting is maximally automated, the line is controlled by 2 operators.