Manufacture of corrugated beams

Ready corrugated beams before shipment

We offer you to buy building metal structures of your own production. They are load-bearing steel building elements of a building (structure), differing:

  • Reliability;
  • Ease;
  • Speed of installation;
  • Unique appearance;
  • Maintainability.

Advantages of corrugated beams

Since 2006, we have started to produce a new kind of metal structures - corrugated box (sin-beam). This light welded metal structure, made of black cold-rolled profiled sheet, welded to the steel shelves of hot rolling. Due to the uniqueness of its production, our products:

  • Has increased rigidity;
  • Requires less raw material for its production, which significantly reduces the cost of structures, as well as installation;
  • Does not require additional lifting devices during unloading and installation;
  • Increases the width of unsupported spans.

Using the newest production lines in our work, we were able to establish a wasteless production of corrugated bars. Ultimately, our products are characterised by increased strength characteristics and relatively low weight.

Ready corrugated beams in the warehouse of the manufacturer

Equipment for the production

At us, you can order corrugated tubes of the most different standard sizes. Their manufacture, as well as the production of other types of products, we carry out according to European drawings or codes with further adaptation to Russian standards.

For the production of corrugated boxes, we use high-quality metal from such brands as British Steel, SSAB, Ruuki (Rautaruuki), as well as European high-precision lines and machines of foreign companies that have no analogues in our country, including:

  • V808 VOORTMAN (Holland) - a unique plasma cutting system for metal profiles, equipped with 8 axial industrial robots.
  • Sawing and drilling lines VOORTMAN (Holland) VB-750, CNC V-250 for sawing beams, sheet metal, round and square pipes in the size of blanks and drilling holes in them in automatic mode.
  • Punching machine VPC 1000 for punching with a force of 1.000 kN, as well as drilling holes in sheet metal.
  • KALTENBACH line (Germany), KBS620DG, KBS 615 for drilling and sawing steel structures from any angle using laser marking;
  • ZEMAN line (Austria) for the welding of H-beams. Cutting strips of sheet metal is carried out by gas cutting machines IK-12Max3.
  • Installation TERMIT for gas plasma cutting of sheet metal with the possibility of computer control of the production process.
  • Automatic line Corimpex (Italy) for the production of welded beams.

Also for the production of metal structures we use:

  • The line of gas-plasma cutting sheet metal with CNC RUR-3000 (Czech Republic), which allows you to create blanks from sheet metal thickness up to 30 cm.
  • The punch press, as well as the press-shears of the company GEKA 110 / 180S (Spain) - allows punching holes and cutting metal.
  • The leaf-cutting machine from the company Roundo PRH 225 (Sweden) - is used for the alignment of stripes of sheet metal.
  • Press MECAMAQ PPH 250 (Spain) - also used for levelling sheet metal strips.
  • Tumbling drum of the company ROTAR Emi305L (Italy) for cleaning billets from burrs.
  • CNC milling machine FU-400 (Germany) for milling the ends of blanks after their gas-plasma cutting.
  • The machine tool thread-cutting company REMS UNIMAT (Germany) for cutting metric and inch threads on rods.
  • Welding equipment from KEMPPI (Finland), etc.

To send to customers the products manufactured at our factory, we use our own railway access roads, as well as specialised cars.

In addition, you can order from us the installation of building metal structures.