Fireproof treatment of metal structures

ZMK Pulkovo, in addition to the production of high-quality metal structures, carries out their processing with the achievement of the fire-retardant effectiveness of groups I-IV with different degrees of fire resistance R30, R45, R60, R90, R120, R150, R240.

The fire resistance limit is increased in accordance with the requirements of fire safety standards of the Russian Federation, using various methods, modern technologies, certified materials.

The compositions that we use are universal, which allows them to be applied both to pure metal and to metal already covered with paint and primer. In addition, our compounds are moisture-resistant, so metal structures can be used even in harsh climatic conditions.

The standard limit of fire resistance of metal structures is about 30 minutes, as a result of which their bearing capacity is reduced by 3 times. Thanks to our fireproof varnishes and paints, the time of fire resistance of structures increases to several hours.

Fireproof processing of metal structures is carried out in 3 stages:

  1. In the automatic installation of shot blasting GIETART (Dutch production) we carry out surface treatment of structures, cleaning it from dirt and rust.

  2. We apply binders.

  3. Using paint spray guns, located at different angles, we paint the metal structures with flame retardants.

Having extensive experience in the field of flame retardant processing of metal structures, we guarantee the quality of our work!