Building profiles and details

Metal building profiles

ZMK Pulkovo produces a building profile of 3 mm galvanised metal of any length up to 62 cm. The curved profiles can be used as load bearing roofs, carrying girders of enclosing structures, for frameworks for gypsum board or as profiles for monolithic construction.

Typical profiles of the C-shaped section of several types are produced most often, as well as Z and V-profiles, although the production equipment makes it possible to manufacture products of any cross-section according to the sketches provided by customers.

FINN-POWER, a Finnish computerised machine, makes it possible to cut metal sheets to an accuracy of 0.1 mm for the manufacture of all kinds of parts for volumetric metal structures, for example, cabinets, housings, etc. The installation table has a special brush structure that prevents scratches on the smooth surface of metal sheets.

Thanks to the instrumental system of the press, it is possible to use workpieces with the thickness of 0.5-4 mm, the maximum size of which is 2.53x1.27 m, and the minimum dimension is 0.1х0.1 m. In addition, it is possible to cut out shaped holes and contours, Engraving.