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Additional elements for the roof of metal tile are very important for the construction of various kinds of buildings and structures. Their use allows you to protect the roof from leaking and extend the life of the metal tile. Also, the shaped roof elements give the roof a complete view, closing various technical joints, joints, ends.

Types of additional elements for metal tile

The choice of the shape of the shaped products depends on the particular project. Products can be manufactured in accordance with individual customer sketches. However, the most commonly used types of roofing elements are:


Skates serve to close the joints of two parts of the roof, located at the same angle in the uppermost part of the roof. Most often, when mounting metal tiles, a FE-20 typis used.

Shaped element FE 20 - the skate

FE 20


Cornice bars are installed in the lower part of the roof on its ramp. They protect the lower boards from moisture penetration. Cornices are longitudinal and end.

Shaped element FE 15 - cornice longitudinal

FE 15 (cornice longitudinal)

Shaped element FE 16 - end cornice

FE 16 (end cornice)


Endova is installed on the inner corner at the junction of two roof slopes. In addition to the protective function, it is also designed to drain sediments flowing from two stingrays into drains. This shaped element is divided into two main types:

- the upper one (located above the metal tile);

- lower (mounted under the metal tile).

Shaped element FE 8 - inner corner (endova)

FE 8 (inner corner/endova)

End plates

This type of additional roof element is installed along the perimeter of the roof slope and is attached to the end boards. The task of the end plate is to prevent the penetration of wind, rain and dust under the metal roof, and, as a result, increase the service life of the roofing structure. In the nomenclature of products ZMK Pulkovo this task is solved by the shaped element FE 28.

Shaped element FE 28 - end plates

FE 28 

Planks of contiguity

Used to close the joints of the edges of the metal with other elements of the building (for example, chimneys protruding from the roof of house parts, etc.).

We have described only certain types of metallic additional elements for metal tile. For a complete list of products, please call. +7 (812) 425-56-30. Also you can see our technical catalog on our website.


Thickness, mm

Element length range, m

Chamfer, mm


0,5 - 6



Types of coating of additional elements for metal tiles:

Name of material



It is the most inexpensive and most common type of coating, while it has high quality. Coating thickness: 25 μm.


Has excellent wear resistance and environmental resistance. Suitable for both facade and roofing applications. The surface favorably tolerates the impact of snow deposits, ice and sun rays. Coating thickness: 50 μm.


It has good resistance to corrosion and color fastness. Also resistant to aggressive chemical environment. Coating thickness: 27 μm.


Advantages of shaped elements of our production for metal tiles

  1. We have high-performance equipment manufactured in Europe. This allows you to quickly produce even the most complex and non-standard additional elements, including lengths over 2.5 meters;
  2. We have a huge production experience and a product quality control system. This ensures high quality and reliability of roofing fittings.
  3. We have developed partner relations with suppliers of raw materials, and we also implement a competent marketing policy. This allows you to keep the affordable price for products.

Buy additional roofing elements

To buy additional elements of the roof from metal tiles, send your request to e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. indicating the type and quantity of products or contact our specialist at +7 (812) 425-56-30. Our employee will calculate the cost of manufacturing products according to your requirements and consult you on all available issues.

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