Shaped elements

Shaped elements manufactured by ZMK Pulkovo

Shaped elements (additional elements) - cold-formed profiles, made of metal with a polymer coating, designed for additional sealing and thermal insulation of joints of building materials, as well as for decorative purposes.

The use of shaped elements

Depending on the building materials used and the architectural components of the structure, the additional elements can be divided into:

The advantages of shaped elements ZMK Pulkovo

  1. High quality and reliability, proven by many years of experience and extensive luggage of implemented projects.
  2. Possibility of manufacturing of non-standard additional elements under individual sketches of the customer, including up to 6 meters long.
  3. Affordable and flexible prices.


Thickness of metal, mm

Coating Options

Maximum length, m

Chamfer, mm


Without coating (galvanized steel) / polyester / Pural / PVDF)




The color of the shaped elements can be identical to the color of building materials, which ensures their invisibility on the finished building.

Color palette RAL (standard colors)

 Color palette of shaped elements (standard RAL colors)

Also it is possible to order shaped elements of non-standard colors from any other color palettes.

Recently, products painted in colors of natural materials (wood, stone) are in great demand. You can see the palette of these colors on the sandwich panel page.

Modifications of shaped elements

The catalog of shaped elements of ZMK "Pulkovo" includes a large number of different types of products, divided by their location, among which:

  • socles;
  • joining of wall panels;
  • corners external, internal, overhangs of a roof;
  • location of windows, doors, gates, etc.;
  • strips, adjacent panels;
  • cornices;
  • skates;
  • parapets;
  • end cornices;
  • ledges.

For more information about the types of elements, see page 64 of the catalog on our website.

Buy shaped elements in St. Petersburg, the price of additional elements

To buy shaped elements in St. Petersburg or order them in any other region of Russia, contact our specialist by phone. +7 (812) 425-56-30 or by e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The cost of the shaped element starts from 100 rubles / m and depends on the type of product, its length and type of coating. To clarify the exact prices for the shaped elements that you need, you can also at the above addresses or by filling out an online order form on our website in the contacts section.