production of sandwich panels

The production of sandwich panels is one of the main activities of our enterprise. ZMK Pulkovo is one of the first producers of sandwich panels in Russia (our first products entered the market in 2000). Now the plant occupies one of the leading positions in the North-West region.

The high quality of the sandwich panels confirms the rich portfolio of ZMK Pulkovo, which includes projects not only for the production and supply of sandwich panels in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region, but all over Russia. Thus, over 1000 companies have become our customers, among them such large organizations as:

  • "Lukoil",
  • "Diamonds of Russia",
  • "Nest",
  • "Surgutneftegaz",
  • "Lufthansa" and others.

Factory of sandwich panels in St. Petersburg

The factory for production of sandwich panels ZMK "Pulkovo" is located in St. Petersburg. Its area is about 3300 square meters. The production capacity of the plant allows producing up to 30,000 m2 of products per month.

The area of production of sandwich panels

Manufacture of sandwich panels: equipment and stages

The workshop of the enterprise is equipped with specialized equipment for the production of sandwich panels made in Europe, namely:

- ISOWALL line produced in England;

- the Hilleng line (Australia).

At the beginning of the manufacturing process, the coiled steel is fed to the sandwich panel production line. Then, the filler (mineral wool or expanded polystyrene) cut into pieces of the required size is laid on the bottom sheet of metal. After the required amount of filler is placed, the top sheet of metal is fed. For bonding the top and bottom sheets with filler, a polyurethane two-component adhesive is used. Density of gluing is provided with a special press.

Stages of production of sandwich panels

The availability of automated sandwich panel manufacturing technology affects the final price of products due to the simplification of the production process and the reduction of resources.

To order the production of sandwich panels in St. Petersburg, please contact our specialists by phone +7 (812) 425-56-30 or fill in the online application form located in the contacts section. Also you can order the delivery of our products to any other region of Russia and the CIS.

Video from the production of sandwich panels:


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