Construction steel structures

anufacture of metal structures - trusses

The production of construction steel structures is an important line of activity of our company. At the moment ZMK Pulkovo is one of the leading manufacturers of building metal structures in Russia. In addition, the plant is actively working to develop this industry. So, since 2018 the enterprise is a member of the Association for the Development of Steel Construction.

Manufacture of construction sreel structures: advantages of ZMK Pulkovo plant

  • high production capacity, reaching 1500 tons of products per month;
  • the possibility of manufacturing all types of construction steel structures of any complexity, which is provided by a powerful production base;
  • strict quality control at every stage of manufacturing, compliance of the quality control system with international standards;
  • the highest level of corrosion protection of structures;
  • the possibility of reducing the cost of the steel construction in comparison with the proposals of competitors due to the use of a unique type of metal structures of its own production - sin-beam;
  • the enterprise has its own vehicle fleet and railway dead-end, which positively affects the cost of delivery of ready-made construction structures to the client.

Construction steel structures: types and classifications

There are different types and classifications of construction steel structures. They can be divided according to the type of metal, the method of manufacture, the purpose, size, and other characteristics.

Among the most common elements of metal frameworks can be identified:



Beam Bearing structure, the main purpose of which is the acceptance of weight loads.  The main types:  I-beam,  T-beam, sin-beam,  beam with perforation, etc.
Girder Rod system.  Used in building coverings.
Column Columns are the supporting elements of the metal frame. Differ by the type of cross-section and the method of production.


Construction steel structures

Order production of construction steel structures

We offer you to order the production of building metal structures from the ZMK Pulkovo plant. If you already have a ready project, you can send it to our specialists at e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for calculating the cost. Also you can contact us by phone +7 (812) 425-56-30 or fill in the online form on our website to clarify the prices for building metal structures or ask any other questions.