Prices for reinforcement and other metal structures in construction have grown from 23 thousand rubles. For 1 tonne to 38 thousand rubles. at this moment. In part, the increase in the cost of reinforcement was compensated by the construction market.

Thus, the share of reinforcement in the cost of building high-rise buildings is about 5-7%. And if the cost of construction increases the price of metal structures reflected, then for the final buyer is not yet noticeable.

The release of metal structures in the Russian Federation since early 2016 has grown and is 3.2 million tonnes.

As many experts note, this volume of production corresponds to the level of the previous year, despite the fact that in November the output of metal structures decreased by 7.5% compared to October. But a similar drop in the production of steel products looks more successful against the background of basic building materials. For example, the output of reinforced concrete products for the analysed period decreased by 18.1% compared to 2015, the production of bricks by 18.8%, and Portland cement by more than 10%.

The question of erecting a warm house is very important, especially given the characteristics of Russia's harsh climate. And to achieve a quick and simultaneously positive result, it makes sense to pay attention directly to the choice of material for construction.

The most successful solution is the construction of a frame house on Canadian technology. As practice shows, it is the sandwich panels that have proven themselves as the main material for construction. Naturally, such popularity is caused by quite real facts and advantages of such products.

Metal structures are metal constructions, which are manufactured for a wide variety of industries of domestic industry.

Where to buy steel structures?

In our country, many manufacturing enterprises produce metal structures. As a rule, they use modern technologies and equipment for their production.

To become their client, it is enough to contact the representative of the selected company and complete the application.

Scope of use of metal structures

Metal structures are often used on building sites. Since high-quality steel structures are capable of withstanding significant mechanical and dynamic loads, they are mainly used to build the frame of buildings and structures.